faciliCAD offers ongoing support options: 



Web Based Support: Citrix application called GoTo Meeting for online web based support. Once a support call is set up with a support representative, select the link below to Join a Meeting:

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Support Files: Registered faciliCAD users are able to download the latest faciliCAD install as well as other support files used in a faciliCAD installation. A Username and Password will be required. Please contact the faciliCAD support team to acquire this information. Once the correct information is obtained, select the link below to download the latest files:

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faciliCAD and Data Security

faciliCAD is very flexible. The software can accommodate almost any information regarding your people, spaces, and assets. But it is important to understand that the software is not designed with any intention or provision to secure or encrypt the information contained within it. In other words, Computer-Aided-Facilities-Management software should never be used to store confidential information such as employee social security numbers, pay rate data or medical information. The faciliCAD software, and its associated software components, do not comply with PCI, HIPAA, GLB, SOX or any other security regulating body. You are fully responsible for entering into the faciliCAD software only data that does not require compliance with any established privacy law or standard.



CAD Manager component works natively inside AutoCAD using a simple set of easily learned functions.

Benefit: Enables a shortened learning curve; start up can happen in days, not weeks.

Data Manager component works outside of AutoCAD and allows non-CAD users to update non-graphical database information.

Benefit: Facilitates updates to data without the use or knowledge of AutoCAD software.

Web Manager component is a browser-based graphic and report viewer that can display predefined or custom reports.

Benefit: Quickly and easily access strategic facility information while securing your data from unauthorized changes..


faciliCAD provides automation tools to integrate existing CAD documents with current data.

Benefit: Avoid expensive conversions or tedious re-entry of digital information.

faciliCAD training includes the implementation of real data pertaining to your facility, allowing for fast customization of your strategic data needs.

Benefit: Eliminates complex implementations.

faciliCAD comes with over 150 customizable industry standard reports developed from proven client needs and solutions.

Benefit: Allows for fast and accurate reporting and seamless information exchange.


faciliCAD has a substantially lower initial cost, lower implementation cost and lower maintenance cost than other CAFM systems.

Benefit: Easier to justify incorporating a powerful CAFM solution within your organization.

faciliCAD is built around industry standard platforms - AutoCAD, Microsoft SQL Server® and Crystal Reports®.

Benefit: Uses common software that is readily available and familiar to your IT department.

faciliCAD is scalable by design and can fit small, medium and large organizations.

Benefit: Adapts to your organization as it evolves and eliminates the need for expensive migrations in the future..