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​Affordable to Own.
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faciliCAD offers a single source of truth regarding space, people and asset information. Developed from years of industry experience, the system provides all of the tools facility managers need in one succinct package.

Dynamic Management

faciliCAD is a dynamic management system which supports optimization of space, people, real-time critical decision making, efficient asset tracking, and accurate reporting.


  • Identification of space by room or area
  • Adjacency planning
  • Efficiency calculation
  • Life safety plans
  • Track and associate leases with plans


  • Employee data
  • Department adjacency plans
  • Occupancy/vacancy designation
  • Move management


  • Capital asset tracking for date and condition
  • Link assets to plan locations
  • Plan for inspections
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Catalog assets
  • Support capital planning


  • Standard and customizable reports
  • Ad hoc data queries
  • Floor plans and layouts
  • Graphic and tabular outputs

The Tools You Need

Our cloud-based or client-hosted delivery options offer tools to support your team’s productivity and your facility’s safety and efficiency.

Space Management

Facility management starts with and revolves around your space. We are available to assist you in migrating your current plans to a CAD format that will be the basis for spatial and employee locating, reporting and managing.

People Management

Empower your management strategy with accurate information about your most valuable resource.

Asset Management

Efficient access to and use of Single Source of Truth data empowers your managers’ decision-making.

Graphic + Tabular Reporting

An almost limitless variety of report formats can be customized to your organization’s needs.


  • “Having used many different CAFM systems, I find faciliCAD to be the most user friendly. Being able to add, change, or modify data and drawings on my own is very helpful in my day to day work.”

    Eric B.
    Hennepin Health Systems
  • "For many years now, faciliCAD has provided New Jersey Institute of Technology with a very cost-effective solution to manage and inventory our campus space. Its multiple applications, flexibility, and great reporting features allow us to make it available to the whole campus community. Additionally, customer support is always available to troubleshoot and resolve any concerns timely and efficiently. We love the endless customization possibilities that faciliCAD has to offer."

    Jaime A Montano
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • “I have used faciliCAD for 1 1/2 years, adding over 2 million square feet of health care facilities, and have found it easy to learn and intuitive to use. The customer support is excellent, quick response, and requests and issues solved!”

    Carolyn Koehn
    Via Christi Regional Medical Center
    Wichita, KS
  • "The City of Appleton has been using facilCAD since 2006 to maintain an accurate space inventory or over 1 million square feet,  which has been especially critical in our Facilities Master Planning.  The product works well for us and meets all our needs.  The product is priced well below its competitors and is a great value!  The support has been great when needed.  Thank you!"

    Dean R. Gazza
    Director of Parks, Recreation and Facilities Management
    Appleton, WI
  •  “For the first time, we have a true picture of our space assignments and employee locations using faciliCAD. faciliCAD’s live reports have dramatically reduced the time required at budget time to paint a complete picture of our Facilities and space allotments. We have only scratched the surface of the capabilities faciliCAD provides and the investment has already paid for itself.”

    Jim Bishop
    St Joseph Corporation
    Green Bay, WI
  • "After researching other facility management software packages, faciliCAD was chosen because the software was affordable and could be implemented with minimal training. The software has been very easy to start creating our database for over 200 buidings on our campus. Anyone who can use AutoCAD will find that faciliCAD is very intuitive and will learn the software quickly. Customer service and technical support are excellent !"

    Valerie Dillon
    Southwest Research Facilities
    San Antonio, TX

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​Affordable to Own.
Simple to Implement.
Easy to Use.
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