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Simple to implement

Easy to use

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Facility Management Software and Solutions

Facility Management Made Easy

Contact us for a demo today!

Contact us for a demo today!


Easy to use

CAD Manager component works natively inside AutoCAD using a simple set of easily learned functions.

Benefit: Enables a shortened learning curve; start up can happen in days, not weeks.

Data Manager component works outside of AutoCAD and allows non-CAD users to update non-graphical database information.

Benefit: Facilitates updates to data without the use or knowledge of AutoCAD software.

Web Manager component is a browser-based graphic and report viewer that can display predefined or custom reports.

Benefit: Quickly and easily access strategic facility information while securing your data from unauthorized changes.

Simple to implement

faciliCAD provides automation tools to integrate existing CAD documents with current data.

Benefit: Avoid expensive conversions or tedious re-entry of digital information.

faciliCAD training includes the implementation of real data pertaining to your facility, allowing for fast customization of your strategic data needs.

Benefit: Eliminates complex implementations.

faciliCAD comes with over 150 customizable industry standard reports developed from proven client needs and solutions.

Benefit: Allows for fast and accurate reporting and seamless information exchange.

Affordable to own

faciliCAD has a substantially lower initial cost, lower implementation cost and lower maintenance cost than other CAFM systems.

Benefit: Easier to justify incorporating a powerful CAFM solution within your organization.

faciliCAD is built around industry standard platforms - AutoCAD, Microsoft SQL Server® and Crystal Reports®.

Benefit: Uses common software that is readily available and familiar to your IT department.

faciliCAD is scalable by design and can fit small, medium and large organizations.

Benefit: Adapts to your organization as it evolves and eliminates the need for expensive migrations in the future..

faciliCAD CAFM Features

Input Data

One of the biggest tasks in any CAFM solution is entering the initial data. In many cases much of the data already exists in electronic formats. faciliCAD includes tools to quickly and easily import this data into the faciliCAD system. This can shorten the startup cycle dramatically.

Watch this short "Data Input and Migration Demo" Video (4 min)

Manage Spaces

Space assignments and categories can be managed from either the graphical CAD Manager application or the non-graphical Data Manager application. Generating colorful space plans and tabular reports is a snap.

Watch this short Managing Spatial Information Demo Video (5 Min)

Manage Employees

Employee information can be entered and managed in either the CAD Manager or Data Manager applications. Employees can be assigned to spaces and assets can be linked to employees. Planning and coordinating employee relocations is a breeze with the powerful Move Manager feature.

Watch this short Managing Employee Information Demo Video (6 min)

Manage Assets

With faciliCAD, asset information can be tracked graphically using the CAD Manager or in text format using the Data Manager. Assets can be linked to each other in a parent/child relationship or assigned to employees if required. You can also attach documents such as warranties to an asset.

Watch this short Managing and Tracking Assets Demo Video (4 min)

Analyze Data

faciliCAD provides helpful tools to query, display, extract and analyze your information. These analytical tools are available within the DATA Manager and the CAD Manager, but many of our clients are finding the Web Manager to be the ideal means for distributing their CAFM information throughout their organizations.

Watch this short Data Analysis and Extraction Demo Video (4 min)

Custom reports

A major purpose of any CAFM solution is to quickly generate reports from accurate and current data. faciliCAD includes over 200 of the most needed reports to support management decisions. Custom reports can easily be created using the faciliCAD report system.

Watch this short Prints Reports Demo Video (4 min)

Client Feedback

“I have used faciliCAD for 1 1/2 years, adding over 2 million square feet of health care facilities, and have found it easy to learn and intuitive to use. The customer support is excellent, quick response, and requests and issues solved!”

- Carolyn Koehn
Via Christi Regional Medical Center
Wichita, KS


"The City of Appleton has been using facilCAD since 2006 to maintain an accurate space inventory or over 1 million square feet,  which has been especially critical in our Facilities Master Planning.    The product works well for us and meets all our needs.  The product is priced well below its competitors and is a great value!  The support has been great when needed.  Thank you!"

- Dean R. Gazza
Director of Parks, Recreation and Facilities Management
Appleton, WI


 “For the first time, we have a true picture of our space assignments and employee locations using faciliCAD. faciliCAD’s live reports have dramatically reduced the time required at budget time to paint a complete picture of our Facilities and space allotments. We have only scratched the surface of the capabilities faciliCAD provides and the investment has already paid for itself.”

- Jim Bishop
St Joseph Corporation
Green Bay, WI


"After researching other facility management software packages, faciliCAD was chosen because the software was affordable and could be implemented with minimal training. The software has been very easy to start creating our database for over 200 buidings on our campus. Anyone who can use AutoCAD will find that faciliCAD is very intuitive and will learn the software quickly. Customer service and technical support are excellent !"

- Valerie Dillon
Southwest Research Facilities
San Antonio, TX