About faciliCAD

The founders of faciliCAD® have been involved in the Facility Management industry since the late 1980’s. Their industry skills were developed at large architectural firms and eventually each partner independently started his own consulting business. They found that most of their clients avoided facility management software because of the high cost and extreme complexity of the programs. The search began for a cost-effective and straightforward Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software package to suit their clients’ needs but it was soon realized this ideal product did not exist. They worked with what was available to the industry, but were always in pursuit of something more affordable and easier to use.

In 2001, the original partners joined together and established faciliCAD, the company. An early version of faciliCAD, the software, was demonstrated at Autodesk University in December of that same year. Although faciliCAD was a beta product at the time, it was very positively received. This convinced the partners to complete the product to make it available to the general market. In May 2002, faciliCAD sold and installed faciliCAD v.1 for their first client.

faciliCAD v.1 was built on a Microsoft® Access® database. Because of the limitations of Microsoft Access in a network environment, faciliCAD v.2 was redesigned to utilize a Microsoft SQL database. The redesign, along with the addition of a non-graphic database entry component, moved faciliCAD from an application that was geared toward small facilities to a Computer-Aided Facility Management software solution that worked well for small and large facilities alike.

As the faciliCAD user base expanded, so did the list of desired features. The release of faciliCAD v.3 in 2010 brought in new features such as Condition Management and Document Management, which helped clients to better manage capital planning, room finishes, leases, warrantees and much more. The addition of these features increased the capabilities and flexibility of the application tremendously. New development tools for the web led to the creation of the faciliCAD Web Manager, which allowed facility managers to share their faciliCAD drawings and data within their organizations via any web browser.

faciliCAD’s current install base ranges from small facilities managing 100,000 sq ft to Fortune 500 facilities managing over 12,000,000 sq ft. The types of facilities currently using faciliCAD include Offices, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, R&D, Power Plants and Government Agencies.

Our Mission

“To provide a best-in-class CAFM solution that is affordable to own, simple to implement, and easy to use”