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Accurate data and plan information is the basis of any facility management system. Our team will work with you to input plan, people and asset information critical to your organization. 

faciliCAD Services

Drawing preparation

Your existing paper, scanned, or other digital format plans are converted into properly formatted AutoCAD drawings for use as the graphic database for faciliCAD.

Field verification

We know buildings are not always built as they are drawn: changes are made to facilities over time. To ensure accurate reporting, we are available to field verify your digital plans. If you have no plans of your existing space, faciliCAD is also available for building documentation services.

Data preparation

Your existing electronic data files will be migrated from a flat file format (spreadsheet, CSV file, etc.) that faciliCAD references as the single source of truth for the database.

Software installation and implementation

For Client Hosted solutions, your staff will require faciliCAD software installed on your computers. We install the software, verify functionality, and train staff on implementation processes to give your team the maximum value from your investment. 

End-user training

Regardless of the Solution delivery option you chose (Client-hosted or Vendor-hosted), we offer product support and application training that aligns with your company’s application usage to maximize your value.  


On-site and web-based consulting services may include additional training, project management, or software support.

Technical support

Schedule a time for consulting services via phone and/or remote access for product support, application consulting, or project management.

Custom report creation

Database management isn’t for everyone. Enlist our staff to create repeatable reports to address specific database queries to support your operational needs.

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